Basketball season has officially started. This is the most exciting time of the year for the team. We just don’t follow the chants of the cheerleaders, but we actually get our own spotlight to dance. At the basketball games, we are the entertainment. All eyes are on us. No mistakes can be made and if so then you catch back up like you didn’t miss a beat. We are the only entertainment during the first time-out of the game and the only entertainment that dominates half-time.

We enter the game floor by an announcement made over the intercom saying, “Introducing The South Alabama Prowlers”. We then enter doing a two-step to the old time hit “Simply Irresistible” followed by a sideline routine.  This has been a tradition at the University for years.

Half-time performances are the most entertaining and energetic performances of the night. We get stopped by families and fans to take pictures with kids and  I think we just might be a bigger hit than Ms. Pawla and South Paw (Mascots). Even they like to come sit on the court with us and participate in our sideline chants.

We are excited for every game to show our crowd a different style of dance. We love to perform hip hop and sassy jazz routines, but we occasionally show off a pom and sometimes a lyrical routine. We enjoy dancing for our fans and entertaining the crowd. We finally get to show off all of our hard work.



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