First Impressions Are Everything!


As we have all heard throughout life whether in a professional or social way, “First impressions are everything.” Who doesn’t want to make a huge and impressive first impression? As our first performance as the University Of South Alabama Prowlers, we set out a plan to to do exactly that. We prepared and practiced weeks in advance to show off all of our hard work in front of the fans, football team, basketball teams, coaches, and athletic staff. We learned new material and perfected it for our first ever performance on the floor. We thought about what would please our crowd and want them guessing what interesting and spectacular would be next from the USA Prowlers.

We decided a hip hop routine to  a mix of Will I Am’s “Power” and Chris Brown’s new hit “Love More” would get the job done(Homecoming Pep Rally Dance.) We thought for sure this would please the crowd. We also performed a combo mix with the University’s Cheerleaders that caught the crowd by surprise in a good way (Dance Team and Cheerleaders). Both performances were amazing and I believe for our first impressions we set the bar high! We are definitely looking forward to many more performances and ways to please our fans!



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