New Year, New Material!


Joining a college dance team is not something just anyone can do. It takes hard work, training , and dedication. Being a third-year returner is a little more relaxing, but learning new material can be exhausting for rookies and veterans.

Timing is everything on a college dance team. Dance camp is first on the agenda. In four days, learning two full dances, sidelines (short routines done on the side of the court/field), and trying to remember that little snippet of cool choreography just to do it in the bathroom mirror would seem a little IMPOSSIBLE, but it gets done. All this new camp material  then gets learned at practice with eight new sidelines, five new band chants, and our infamous, traditional fight song routine in hopes of entertaining the audience during the season. Thirteen dances in just under three months seems IMPOSSIBLE, but it happens. Memory is a huge deal. No one can show up not knowing all this new material or that’s just a day wasted. The word IMPOSSIBLE definitely becomes ITS-POSSIBLE because WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Material!

  1. You show great dedication and a real positive attitude for the dance team at South! I danced for 12 or so years when I was younger, so I have a soft spot for dance teams. I can’t wait until basketball season to see all your new routines you’ve worked so hard on!

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