Dedication and Competition

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As a college dance team, we enjoy dancing in front of our fans at sporting events or with little kids at community service appearances. All of those things are fun and exciting, but there is always time for a little competition.

Competing at a college level takes hard work and dedication. Teams train months before. Some even practice everyday to get better. We have enjoyed ourselves dancing just for fun now it is time to show how good our talents really are. We will be competing in Daytona Beach, Florida at the NDA college competition. This is our first time competing in this exact competition, but we are extremely excited to compete for a national title. Our time starts now. We train and practice in hopes of bringing a trophy back to our university. As we say after every practice and before every performance “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, we honestly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. NDA, here we come!





Basketball season has officially started. This is the most exciting time of the year for the team. We just don’t follow the chants of the cheerleaders, but we actually get our own spotlight to dance. At the basketball games, we are the entertainment. All eyes are on us. No mistakes can be made and if so then you catch back up like you didn’t miss a beat. We are the only entertainment during the first time-out of the game and the only entertainment that dominates half-time.

We enter the game floor by an announcement made over the intercom saying, “Introducing The South Alabama Prowlers”. We then enter doing a two-step to the old time hit “Simply Irresistible” followed by a sideline routine.  This has been a tradition at the University for years.

Half-time performances are the most entertaining and energetic performances of the night. We get stopped by families and fans to take pictures with kids and  I think we just might be a bigger hit than Ms. Pawla and South Paw (Mascots). Even they like to come sit on the court with us and participate in our sideline chants.

We are excited for every game to show our crowd a different style of dance. We love to perform hip hop and sassy jazz routines, but we occasionally show off a pom and sometimes a lyrical routine. We enjoy dancing for our fans and entertaining the crowd. We finally get to show off all of our hard work.


First Impressions Are Everything!


As we have all heard throughout life whether in a professional or social way, “First impressions are everything.” Who doesn’t want to make a huge and impressive first impression? As our first performance as the University Of South Alabama Prowlers, we set out a plan to to do exactly that. We prepared and practiced weeks in advance to show off all of our hard work in front of the fans, football team, basketball teams, coaches, and athletic staff. We learned new material and perfected it for our first ever performance on the floor. We thought about what would please our crowd and want them guessing what interesting and spectacular would be next from the USA Prowlers.

We decided a hip hop routine to  a mix of Will I Am’s “Power” and Chris Brown’s new hit “Love More” would get the job done(Homecoming Pep Rally Dance.) We thought for sure this would please the crowd. We also performed a combo mix with the University’s Cheerleaders that caught the crowd by surprise in a good way (Dance Team and Cheerleaders). Both performances were amazing and I believe for our first impressions we set the bar high! We are definitely looking forward to many more performances and ways to please our fans!


Prioritizing School and Dance

As we’ve all heard from parents, grandparents, teachers and even coaches growing up that “school is most important; it always comes first”. Even though school comes first, dance is a VERY close second.

Being an athlete in college is very difficult (yes dancers are athletes). We practice three days a week for three and a half hours a day not including appearances, workouts, games and/or community service activities.  We all are full time students (12 hours or more each semester) and we all have some sort of part-time job.  With all these activities going on prioritizing will be the most important task needed to get things done daily. No the teachers will not change their exam schedule to accommodate our practice schedule. No our jobs will not ask us every week if we need certain days off for games and/or appearances. It’s all up to us!

As crazy as it sounds, dancing helps keep our grades up. Everyone on the team must maintain a 2.5 or higher grade point average to participate. So in order for us to do what we love, dance, we must keep those good grades. We as a team work hard in the classroom and on the dance floor. It’s all about prioritizing, once we got that down the rest will follow!

Future Bridesmaids

998429_10200192284865302_485820593_n When you tryout for the dance team, you’ll see many girls who love to dance and want nothing more than to be a part of this team. When the final selections are made after try-outs, there may be some old faces, but there will definitely be those strangers that you know nothing about.  Even though you know nothing about the girls you are standing next to, at that exact moment you all become ONE, you dance as ONE, and you represent the University as a whole. It’s not just about being teammates. It’s about a bond you share with the other girls for the love of dance.

Relationships usually start off by becoming friends for a long period of time. We don’t have that long until we are with each other every other day, so we become close sooner than later. Now, everyone doesn’t always blend wonderfully we have our ups and downs, but in the end we come together as a team and as a family. Yes, we are a family. The relationships and memories we develop on this team over time are ever-lasting. It’s a bond that can never be broken. We will be in each others’ weddings, experience each others’ first births, and even vacation with each other throughout the years.  It’s hard to believe how strangers become instant family, but it happens because we all share one love and that’s DANCE.

The relationships I have personally gained on this team have changed my life forever. I love my team, sisters, and future bridesmaids. Go Jags!


New Year, New Material!


Joining a college dance team is not something just anyone can do. It takes hard work, training , and dedication. Being a third-year returner is a little more relaxing, but learning new material can be exhausting for rookies and veterans.

Timing is everything on a college dance team. Dance camp is first on the agenda. In four days, learning two full dances, sidelines (short routines done on the side of the court/field), and trying to remember that little snippet of cool choreography just to do it in the bathroom mirror would seem a little IMPOSSIBLE, but it gets done. All this new camp material  then gets learned at practice with eight new sidelines, five new band chants, and our infamous, traditional fight song routine in hopes of entertaining the audience during the season. Thirteen dances in just under three months seems IMPOSSIBLE, but it happens. Memory is a huge deal. No one can show up not knowing all this new material or that’s just a day wasted. The word IMPOSSIBLE definitely becomes ITS-POSSIBLE because WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!